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Business Startup Resources

The following are the main business registrations that must be completed. Depending on your business, other regulations such as Fire or Food inspection Agency etc. may have to be contacted.

Business Number (BN) Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
The Business Number replaces the many numbers businesses need to deal with government. It delivers a one-stop service at Business Windows. (Includes payroll)

To register call 1.800.959.5525 or visit the web site

GST Registration Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
To register call 1.800.959.5525 or visit the web site

You must file GST returns for a prescribed reporting period. You will determine at the time of registration whether this is monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual.

The GST rate effective Jan 1, 2008 is 5%.

Labour Standards
For information on labour standards call 1.800.260.0877 or visit the web site

Federal Incorporation
For information on the benefits of incorporating read the Guide to Federal Incorporation found on the website or call 1.613.941.9042

Incorporation returns need to be filed every year. You will also need to develop Bylaws and name directors, officers and shareholders for your company. It is possible to have one person be all three. There is a fee to incorporate.

Registering a Business with the Government of Nunavut
All businesses operating in Nunavut must be registered with the Department of Justice.

Types of registry include:

  1. Registering a business name
  2. Territorial Incorporation
  3. Extra-Territorial Incorporation
  4. Partnership Agreements, and so on.

Call 867.975.6590 for forms and information

Payroll Tax
This is a tax on the income you pay your employees. It is deducted from the amount you pay your employees and remitted to the Government of Nunavut at the end of each year. The current rate stands at 2%.

Call the Government of Nunavut, Department of Finance and Administration to register. 867.975.6841

Workers Compensation Board
Depending on your business, you may need to register with WCB. For information call 867.979.8500

NTI Inuit Firm Registry
To register your business as an Inuit Firm, call 867.975.4900

NNI Policy
The NNI Policy is a procurement policy affecting GN contracting activities. If you are a local, Nunavut and/or Inuit firm and want to bid on government contracts, you can register to receive a bid adjustment and labour bonus.

Visit the website and use the menu on the left for instructions on registering your business.

Hamlet Business Licence
Contact the Hamlet office for a business licence. 

Payroll Deduction Tables
Web site: 

Payroll deductions include CPP, EI, Federal Income Tax, and Territorial Income Tax
Look up these deductions in the tables, being careful to find the proper payroll type heading (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc).

You must also deduct 2% Nunavut payroll tax as indicated above.